Includes aerial video from a DJI Phantom 2, and shows the results of my stupidly heavy but effective home-built lighting rig.

Ground-floor walkout, literally just steps from the beach. Days like this hardly seem like work!

An interview series with Calgary small businesses, started in 2018. FAQ's with the owner of Boft Fine Rugs in Inglewood.

Located on the West Coast and immediately South of a barreling, shallow reef-break left, I think I was running outside every 15 minutes to see how the North swell was picking up. Surf's up!

Located right on the gently sloping beaches lapped by the Caribbean Sea for which the 'West Coast' is famous, the architect said of the photos I also did here that they're the best photos he's seen of the property.

It was so hot that my Canon 7D overheated!

First and last video I shot with the first video camera I bought for RE video. From here I immediately started using a dSLR for video and never looked back.

I started doing video as a natural extension / expansion of my real estate photography business, beginning with a  a Canon 7D camera and Tokina 11-16 lens. From there I built a home-made slider for those nice horizontal moving shots, and a DIY daylight-balanced lighting rig to minimize the colour-correcting needed in editing.
In the early days I threw together some of the background music in GarageBand, but after a while I realized I better start using licensed music. I'm no musician!
These days I'm shooting with a Fuji XT-2, Rhode microphone and Fuji 16mm & 35mm lenses. What I don't own I can rent for a shoot.
See below for some examples of video I've done. You'll see the difference as I went from editing in iMovie to using Final Cut (these days I'm using Premiere Pro) and added my self-built lighting rig. The oldest vids are at the bottom of the page.
Please contact me using the form below for all your commercial, real estate, architectural and documentary video needs.
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