I started Insite Inc. in 1997 with Chris Hoyos (who's now at Deloitte in London), as we saw that the web design / development / hosting business in the Caribbean was being delivered unprofessionally.
When we met with business owners to sell our services, we dressed as business people too and we spoke their language. We talked about a return, about setting and achieving goals, about consistency across all media. And we offered guarantees of usability, access and suitability.
I left in 2000 to staff, equip and manage the internal web design, development and hosting division of what was then Barbados Shipping and Trading, the largest corporate entity in Barbados.
In the years between 2000 and my next business start-up, I emigrated to Florida, started working in real estate photography and finally moved back to Barbados, where I started VT Caribbean in 2007 to offer photography and 360-degree virtual tours to the real estate industry, completing around 800 virtual tours of some of Barbados' most exclusive properties.
Having worked with Graeme Finlayson remotely (him in the UK, me in Barbados) on the website for a local motorsport club in which we both participated and competed, when he moved to Barbados in 2009, it seemed natural to start a web development company and formally work together. Caribbean New Media has worked with Gildan, SOL (formerly Shell Antilles and Guianas Ltd), most of the island's leading Realtors and luxury property developers, yacht sales companies and car rental agencies, to name just a few.  Seeing another web-based opportunity along the way, we created our own totally automated property listing service, Barbados Property Search, which is being used as the official listing service of the local Real Estate board.
In 2012 we started Above Barbados, offering aerial video and photography along with mapping and analysis. We've worked with the BBC, WestJet, Mount Gay Rum, Virgin Atlantic, The New York Times, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., and the island's leading Realtors.
In 2014 I migrated to Canada, and after working for someone else for three years while getting my feet, it's time to be self-employed again, hence this website and this story!
Please contact me via the form below for photography, video, drone work and anything web-related. 
Thank you!
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