As of this writing (Dec 2017), I've got 20 year's experience in pretty much every aspect of web development.
I'll admit right off the bat that I can't draw a straight line, or a good curve, to save my life, so design is one skill that eludes me completely.
I have however, written HTML and CSS, debugged sendmail scripts, managed web servers and project-managed every website my web development companies have designed, developed, tested. launched. hosted and managed.

A small sample of sites my companies have developed over the years.

In 20 years of web development, I've learned all the skills to provide you with a well-designed, usable, responsive, compliant and fast website that your customers will be happy to use, that you can update from your phone while en-route to a well-deserved vacation, that dominates search engine results and makes you more money!
I've worked with the largest oil company in the Caribbean, where my company built a secure private online ordering system serving 30 countries. 
We've helped a car rental company to dominate search results in a hugely competitive market and sell out their inventory twice a year.
Our own in-house projects dominate search results in their industries.
We've worked with a very standards-conscious global knitwear manufacturer with very precise requirements for the 24-7 data integration on their websites.
I've worked with a supermarket chain on the ongoing challenges of getting 30,000 items held in a database as old as the moon landings integrated with their online shopping site.

Please contact me using the form below. I'm happy to talk about new projects at any time.
Thank you!
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